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Back Pain

back-pain-290 Low back pain is very common (but not normal) – 80% of Americans will have disabling low back pain at some time in their lives. It can lead to Sciatica – a painful condition of tingling, pain or numbness down one or both of your legs. More >>>

Neck Pain

neck-pain-290 Imagine not having to move your head around or rub your neck several times per day in order to relieve your neck pain. Neck problems are the ultimate cause of most headaches. It is often a result of accumulated stress –
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headache-290 Headaches are not normal! They come in different patterns and types like migraines, tension, stress and trauma such as whiplash injuries and others.Headaches can be throbbing, dull or feel like your hat’son too tight.
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acupuncture box More and more people are turning to acupuncture for pain relief, treating everything from headaches and lower back pain to osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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