Tummy Aches?

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Hope you’re having a great week. Yesterday I was talking to a patient toward the end of the day. She told me she’d been having some stomach problems. I checked her, examined her and found what I thought were indications that she had a condition called diverticulitis.

A recent University of Texas study suggested that more than six in 10 of Americans are at risk of diverticulitis, which are small pouches that form in your intestinal wall and become inflamed. And while these painful TUMMY ACHES used to mainly affect the elderly.

Now the patient I’m talking about today isn’t elderly, she probably feels elderly because of her condition. So one of the things I told her to do was this.

Tummy Aches | Russell Chiropractic Care Serving Lombard and ElmhurstEat some pears and papayas. Both fruits contain enzymes that shut down damaging intestinal inflammation, a key to speeding healing and preventing futureflare-ups, say Stanford University doctors. Enjoying a pear or a one-cup serving of papaya daily could send your diverticulitis risk down by as much as 35%.

Not a bad way to help stomach problems. Be looking for my next blog post. I’m going to be giving you another health tip.


Dr. Brian Russell

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